Comprehensive Coverage

Security On And Off The Road

A comprehensive car insurance plan offers complete protection against the damage to your car due to an accident or a road-mishap. This plan is called a comprehensive plan because it provides coverage for the damages to your car. Third party legal liability, theft, along with the personal accident coverage. The coverage can be boosted by selecting additional covers, such as engine protector, accessories cover, medical expenses, zero depreciation cover, etc. This cover is widely popular, as it offers full fledged coverage and it leaves the policyholder stress-free.

A Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan Safeguards The Insured Vehicle Against The Following:

  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Glass damage like as a damaged windshield
  • Damages caused by bird or an animal
  • Damage caused by falling objects, missiles etc.
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Damages caused by a natural disaster like a wind storm, hail storm, tornado, hurricane, etc. Without a comprehensive insurance plan, a claim can’t be filed if your car is damaged and the reason isn’t a road mishap.

Other Non-Collision Related Services

  • Additionally also can after other non-collision oriented services for you and your car, like roadside assistance and diminishing deductible.
  • Roadside Assistance provides you with advantages like lockout assistance, jump starts and towing up to 15 miles. All in one convenient package.