Homeowners Liability

Protect Yourself, Your Home, and Your Finances.

If you do everything you can to protect your family and care for our property, you may be asking yourself how safe your home and belongings will be if the unexpected happens.

When you work with a trusted choice The CFI Agency, you can get all of your questions answered, and get a policy in place that meets your unique needs.

If someone is injured either on your premises or as a result of some negligence on your part, you need to think about your liability coverage. Hopefully you will have a simple settlement on your hands, in which your liability coverage pays for the injured person’s medical expenses or property damage. But it is important to know what is at stake in an extreme circumstance for example, if a visitor experiences a severe head injury on your property, or is paralyzed offer a fall from your deck. Your homeowners insurance has a liability limit set at the time you purchase your coverage. This policy works to protect you in variety situations, including

  • Claims For Property Damages
  • Claims For Injury To Others (either on or off the premises)
  • Liability Defence Costs
  • Medical Expenses For Injuries To Others.