Commercial General Liability

Critical Assurance For The Protection Of Your Business.

In view of new dimensions of legal liability exposures any business can fall victim to the high cost of liability from simple slip and fall accidents to personal injury and reputation damage claims. That’s why every business needs the type of coverage that The CFI Agency’s Commercial General Liability insurance offers and it is generally a company’s first line of defense against liability arising out of its operations. Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy covers third party liabilities arising from various business operations, be it premises, products and completed operations and/or advertising and personal injury.

Why Commercial General Liability ?

  • The CFI Agency brings to you one of the most extensive worldwide network , with presence in more than 130 jurisdictions.
  • With more companies expanding their operations overseas, and with the extension of regulatory regimes, there is an increased requirement to have a comprehensive risk management solution in place. We provide a competent and seamless solution through our Controlled Master Program, covering both domestic and overseas exposure. A controlled master program enables policy holder to have a uniform program consistent with corporate parent’s risk management philosophy , improves control and ensures compliance with locally admitted regulations of different countries.
  • Master Program often comes with, “difference in conditions/difference in limits” feature , narrowing coverage gaps.
  • Our form is a duty to defend form which means client will not have to bear the brunt of litigation as under the express terms of the policy we will defend the client in any lawsuit.
  • Flexibility in offering globally accepted occurrence based wordings and claims made form
  • Competence of offering worldwide jurisdiction
  • Ability to structure Vendor programs
  • Capability to issue Certificate of Insurance in globally accepted formats

Key Features

Unique Policy - 3 Coverages in 1 With a broad-based wording that has withstood scrutiny in the most litigious jurisdictions of the world, Comprehensive General Liability provides comprehensive protection against :

  • Coverage A – Bodily injury and Property Damage
  • Coverage B – Personal and Advertising injury
  • Coverage C – Medical Expenses
  • Supplementary Payments
  • Covered Exposures
  • Premises Liability
  • Operations Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Completed Operations Liability
    • Duty to Defend Form
    • Coverage for defense costs apart from damages

Additional Commercial Liability

Since there are many types of liability coverages, it’s important to talk with a specialist at The CFI Agency. about the best options for your business.

  • Foreign Liability protects employees who travel out of the country (for business purposes) in the event of injuries, damages and lawsuits.
  • Liquor Liability includes covering damages and injuries in which your business is held legally responsible as a result of serving liquor - from liquor establishments to office parties/special events.
  • Concession Liability keeps your special event stand insured from damage, accidents, or accidental injuries sustained to pedestrians.

Since there are many types of liability coverages, it’s important to talk with a specialist at The CFI Agency. about the best options for your business.