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An annuity is a contact aimed at generating steady income driving refinement, after in jump sum payment is made by an individual to abstain amounts innesiecta or at some point of future.

Type of Annuities.

There types of annuities-essentially Two ways in which the individual receives the annuity payout.

  • Immediate annuity : He begins to receive payments soon after soon after the initial investment. This is ideal for someone approaching retirement age.
  • Deferral annuity : It accumulates money as opposed to paying out annuity regularly. Deferred annuity can be converted into immediate annuity based on the individual’s preference.

Understand Your Investment.

  • The individual begins by making a jump sum investment in the annuity plan.
  • The annuity they makes payments to the individual on a fatare date/serles of dates the income can be doled out monthly, quarterly, annuity or ever as lump sum payments.
  • The income payout is determined by a number of factors, including the tenure of the annuity.
  • The individual can opt to receive the income payments for the best of his life or for a fixed of time.
  • The income depends on whether be has optical for a guaranteed payout (fixed annuity) or a payout stream determined by the performance of the annuity’s underlying.
  • Investments (variable annuity)

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