Office Insurance

Office insurance is specially designed for business organizations or offices. This insurance policy protects your company. If your client is injured or if you or one of your employees causes an injury or property damage at a client’s site, then you will get coverage under office insurance policy. If you ever think about your hard earned money, then you must ensure your earning place that means your office or your business organization. Any unpleasant incident can disrupt your business functions which lead to financial implications. But if you have a right office insurance plan, you do not have to get stressed for those circumstances.

Under the best office insurance policy, you will get coverage for office contents, small office, business office, commercial office etc. Thus, it is always suggested to insure your office or office premises to stay secure for future. And the best office insurance plan comes into its role player. Now you can buy or renew office insurance online because of the flourishing appearance of internet. But while purchasing office insurance policy, you should compare office insurance quotes available online and then select the right one.

Key Features of Office Insurance

  • Office insurance in India is formed to complete the insurance needs of your modern office, irrespective of the number of locations.
  • This plan is suitable for all types of offices; these could be any kind of corporate offices, computer training centers, consultancy offices of professionals like architects, solicitors, real estate agents, travel agents, tax-consultants etc.
  • This policy also offers insurance for commercial offices, BPO call centers and ITES, government offices, software development office.

Office Insurance Policy Coverage

You can avail an ample range of coverage under office insurance plan in India. Following are the coverage of office insurance online.

  • It offers coverage for fire, burglary and accidental damages to building (if owned), office equipments and all the contents.
  • You will get package coverage for your office insurance plan. Under this package plan, you will get coverage for perils in office premises, like fire, earthquake etc. Many insurers also provide coverage for the risks associated to terror
  • Electrical and mechanical breakdown, fire and allied perils are included in office insurance plan in India.
  • Under office insurance plan, you will get coverage for expenses incurred for glasses fixing, housekeeping services, sanitary items etc.
  • All the offices employees are covered for any injury or death due to any accident during the tenure of service. Third party legal liability coverage is also included under office insurance plan.
  • Office insurance online in India also provides coverage for any kind of expenses used in the publicity tools including neon signs, explosion, hoarding for safety against fire, theft, lightning, flood etc.
  • Provides compensation for loss of baggage of employees in the event of any official tour.

Different companies have different insurance needs, so don't hesitate to talk to one of our agents and ask if there's anything else that should be added to your office insurance policy. Be sure to let us know about anything particularly innovative that you're doing with your building, since that might not be covered by a standard policy. We want you to be able to move forward with the confidence that comes from knowing your office is protected.