Disability Insurance

Your Biggest Asset Is You

Disability insurance provides risk coverage for the lost income due to failure to work in case of any permanent or temporary disability. This kind of insurance helps in providing a part of your lost income along with the medical expenses, if you happened to meet with an accident that led to disability. It covers sick leave, and offers disability benefits for short and long-term periods.


  • Waiting Period For Such Plans Can Range From 0 To 14 Days
  • Benefits Can Be Availed For A Maximum Of 2 Years
  • Injuries Since Birth Or Caused Due To An Accident Or After Long-term Ailments (Which Can Be Recovered After A Period) Are Eligible


  • Waiting Period Can Range From Weeks To Even Months
  • Policyholder Is Eligible To Avail The Benefits For Life
  • Usually Covers Critical Illnesses And Injuries Which Might Force You To Discontinue Your Work
  • Covers A Wide Range Of Mental Illnesses, Cancer, Cardiovascular Ailments, Tissue Rupture And Similar Diseases

Looking at the advantages of getting disability insurance, it makes sense to have one. Some of the benefits of this insurance are:

  • Accident and disability of the earning member of the family can have a tremendous impact on the financials of an individual as well as the family. Having disability insurance will keep you and your family secure in case of any mishap
  • If an accident leads to disability, chances are high for you to be unable to work for some time. Thus, disability insurance can help pay for the essential expenses
  • One can save tax by having disability insurance as the premium paid towards this is exempted as per Income Tax Act, 1961

Choosing the right disability coverage is important. In the event you become disabled, you'll want to ensure that you and your family have enough coverage. A representative at The CFI Agency will look at the individual factors in your life and work situation, and help design the best policy that meets your personal insurance needs.