Car Dealership Insurance

New and used car dealers have much more to worry about than meeting quarterly sales quotas. Garages and dealers whose operations include the sale and service of automobiles and motorcycles are subject to numerous risks. Auto collisions during test drives, injuries to drivers and physical damage to inventory caused by vandalism, fire or weather all contribute to garage liability. All Risks, Ltd.offers an array of garage, auto services, and dealership insurance solutions written through multiple “A” rated carriers. Our insurance solutions reward garage operations with favorable loss experience. Contact an All Risks garage, auto services, and dealership insurance specialist today to learn more about our insurance solutions!

Car dealerships have many insurance needs, including:

  • The risk of vehicles being stolen from a lot
  • Loss of inventory from natural causes (weather, disasters, etc.)
  • Damage to customers' vehicles when they're brought in for repair
  • Rental vehicles (especially those loaned to customers while their vehicle is in the shop) being damaged or destroyed

None of these costs are minor—the bill for each damaged or lost vehicle can start in the thousands of dollars and can climb rapidly from there. Car dealership insurance offers reimbursement for these expenses when they occur, allowing you to cover your losses and continue operating your business. Many dealerships have already seen the value of this coverage when something goes wrong—especially when the problem was neither foreseeable nor preventable.

Car Dealership Insurance Features

Insurance can turn a crisis into a manageable situation, allowing you to spend more time giving your business the attention it needs to thrive. Be sure to ask an Flagler Insurance Agency agent about how much car dealership insurance you actually need, and let us know information like:

  • • How many vehicles are on display in your lot
  • • What types of vehicles you sell
  • • What additional services (vehicle repair, new paint jobs, etc.) your dealership offers
  • • How many employees you have

Our goal is to make sure you're fully protected by the plan you choose, and our talented risk assessors can help you find threats you may not have even realized existed. Reputation is everything in the auto dealership industry, so protect yours with the confidence that comes from being fully insured.