Retirement Plans

A small-business retirement plan is simply good business on many levels. It has benefits for you, your employees (if you have any), and your business.

Types Of Small Business Retirement Plans.

We have a variety of small business retirement plan that offer self employed, entrepreneurs, and sole proprietor and their employees , tax-advantaged ways to save for refinement.

Solo 401k:

A solo 401k, also company ,referred to as an individual 401k, is for self employed individuals without full-time employees by allowing you to contribute as both the employer and the employes , this plan enables you (and your spouse if he on she cools for you) to boost your netineuel saving with higher contribution limits.

Profit sharing:

Profit – sharing plans record employees with a parentage of company profit, although contributions do not have to be based on profits. Employee’s contributions are benefit for both the employer and employees.