Dump Truck Insurance

If a dump truck is part of your business operation, you understand the importance of insurance for that vehicle. All vehicles need to be insured, of course, but dump truck insurance can make sure you are covered from unique issues related only to a dump truck.

The CFI Agency agents can help you with basic insurance on the vehicle itself that protects from standard risks, but dump trucks are also vulnerable to the following hazards, and require additional insurance:

  • Hauling heavy or jagged material could damage the truck
  • Dump trucks often operate where no roads exist
  • Breakdowns that cost you time and money; you can avoid the financial loss with adequate dump truck insurance

Dump Truck Insurance Features

If you have employees operating your dump truck, you need workers compensation insurance. If someone is injured while working, you want them to be covered, as required by law.

What Does Commercial Dump Truck Insurance Cover?

Basic dump truck insurance policies provide the mandatory coverage required to operate these trucks, which includes the minimum bodily injury and property damage liability coverage amounts required by state law. To ensure you and your business are fully protected, however, you’ll want to consider the following additional coverage options for your dump truck:

  • Non-Trucking Insurance : Provides liability coverage if you are involved in an accident while driving your truck during off-work hours. Non-trucking coverage is designed for independent owner/operators with contract jobs.
  • Motor Truck General Liability Insurance : This type of coverage protects you from liability and comes into effect if you cause damage to your customer’s property while operating your dump truck on their grounds.
  • Physical Damage Insurance : Physical damage insurance covers any damage to your dump truck and is usually required by dealerships if you are leasing your vehicle.
  • Collision Insurance : This will cover the repair of damage to your dump truck if you collide with another vehicle or object.
  • Fire and Theft Insurance : This comprehensive insurance provides compensation for damages to your vehicle caused by fire or theft.
  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance : Motor truck cargo insurance covers the cargo you haul on your truck and is sometimes required if the cargo you haul is valuable.
  • Rental Reimbursement / Downtime Insurance : If your truck is damaged in an accident, this coverage will allow you to continue your business operations while your truck is being repaired. It also covers losses if continuation is not possible.
  • Off-Season Comprehensive Only Insurance : Protects your vehicle while it’s not in use if your business is seasonal.

The CFI Agency agents are familiar with the differences between state insurance regulations and requirements, and can assist you even if you work in more than one state.

Call The CFI Agency to make sure you are covered and that you can handle any crisis that develops. Our professional staff can make sure you have the best possible dump truck insurance. When you call, have the following information available:

  • The make, model and year of the dump truck to be insured
  • The type of dump truck and its hauling capacity
  • Where the dump truck will be used
  • The type of work it will be used for
  • The value of the vehicle

We will also need the number of employees and how many of those employees will be operating the truck. With this information, we can provide you with an affordable insurance quote for your dump trucks or other vehicles.