Landlords Insurance

Rent With Confidence.

The property protection in a landlord insurance policy typically helps cover physical property related to the home you’re renting out. This may include the dwelling itself and equipment you keep in site to help maintain it at The CFI Agency. Coverage generally includes.

  • Dwelling : The coverage helps pay to repair your rented home, condo or apartment if it damaged by fire, lightening, wind, hail or other covered losses.
  • Other Structures : This part of our policy helps pay to repair detached structure on your rented property, such as detached garage or fence if they’re damaged by a covered loss.
  • Personal Property Used To Service The Rented : If you leave a lawnmower or snow blower onsite to maintain your rented property landlord insurance may help cover this equipment if it’s damaged. However, if you leave your personal bike or DVD player at the home you rent out it likely won’t be covered under your landlord policy.

All of the above types of coverage are subject to the deductibles and limits stated in your specific landlord policy. Your deductible is the amount you’ll pay for a covered loss before your insurance kick in. a limits is the maximum amount your policy will pay offer a covered loss. Each coverage typically has its own, separate deductible and limit. You may be able to set our own deductible and limit amounts for these coverage’s at The CFI Agency