It’s All About Options.

  • A Health Savings Account (HSA) can help patients with high-deductible health insurance plans cover their out-of-pocket costs.
  • Contributions to HSAs generally aren't subject to federal income tax, and the earnings in the account grow tax-free.
  • Unspent money in an HSA rolls over at the end of the year so it's available for future health expenses.)
  • High-deductible health plans, which are a requirement for HSAs, aren't always the best option for patients, especially those who expect to have significant healthcare expenses in the future. Those patients may be better off with an insurance plan that charges higher premiums upfront but covers a greater percentage of their costs.

The CFI Agency works closely with your health plan to deliver a fully integrated approach to consumer-driven health care that combines industry-leading health savings accounts (HSAs) and reimbursement accounts with your health plan design. We offer a solution with:

  • Member support 24 hours a day
  • Top ranked investment options
  • Customizable employee education
  • Balance booster
  • Automatic health plan integration