Cleaning Business Insurance

Keep a spotless record with cleaning business insurance.

  • Liability insurance is an important part of any cleaning business insurance policy
  • If you rely on specific cleaning equipment for your job, it may be worth considering additional cover
  • Depending on the nature of your business, quotes may vary in price due to the perceived risks involved

Cleaning services are a popular go-to for many 21st century families, with demands of work and life leaving little time to keep the homestead spick and span. Similarly, businesses and schools around the country commonly rely on cleaners to keep their premises up to scratch on a daily basis.

Whether you run a team of many or like to ride solo, cleaning insurance is a vital addition to any cleaning business. Don't get taken to the cleaners by your insurance provider... Compare cleaning business insurance and keep your company squeaky clean, whatever the scenario

What is cleaning insurance?

Regardless of whether you're cleaning expensive office equipment or an elderly person's finest china, Joe Public puts a lot of trust in the hands of its cleaners – quite literally. An unfortunate case of butter fingers or use of the wrong cleaning product could turn a simple dust or wipe-down into a heart-stopping calamity.

If you happen to be said cleaner, it's important to protect yourself from angry faces and legal finger-wagging with the relevant cover. Cleaning insurance will cover your business for any injuries or damage incurred as a result of the cleaning process.

What's covered under cleaning business insurance?

Whether you consider yourself the Spruce Lee of polishing or the David Lee Froth of carpet cleaning, even the very best make mistakes from time to time. A good cleaning insurance policy will keep you covered for any foam-pas that may occur.

In general, liability insurance for cleaning businesses is the Holy Grail of cleaning insurance, and a must-have for any entrepreneur in the cleaning game. Luckily, this is usually the top of the priority list for insurance criteria, commonly split into two distinct categories.

Employer's liability insurance

Any business that employs staff will need ELI. This protects you and your staff from any mishaps that may occur on the job - and the legalities and cost that often come with them.

This feature is particularly important for those tasked with cleaning potentially dangerous machinery or involving precarious scenarios, such as factory cleaners or window cleaning. However, if you're a self-employed solo act, employer's liability insurance may not be necessary.

Public liability insurance

Similarly, when it comes to public liability insurance, cleaning business owners would be foolish not to partake. A squeaky-clean floor can pose an instant hazard for any passerby, while an antique figurine can be easily chipped or snapped by even the most careful of hands.

If you're not covered by public liability insurance, a simple mishap during or as a result of cleaning could translate to a lengthy spell of overtime in order to cover the bill.

What optional extras are available?

In addition to general liability protection, many insurers offer cover for a host of other scenarios, including loss of customer keys, failure to secure a customer's premises and any unsightly losses as a result of theft or dishonest practice.

However, these features aren't universal, so it's worth checking what's included on your policy beforehand. You may want to add them as extras if they're initially absent.

Many insurance companies that cover cleaning businesses also offer protection for equipment related to your work. The tools of the trade can be a vital part of the job – from vacuum cleaners to floor buffers – and replacing these items can be a costly and unwelcome occurrence.

If your business relies heavily on a variety of cleaning apparatus, this could also be a wise addition to your policy.

Call The CFI Agency today to make sure you have suitable coverage for your cleaning business insurance needs. Ask about any additional liability coverage you might need. If you are a first-time customer looking for insurance, call our office to see how we can help cover your business for all the scenarios that could impact it.