Condo Insurance

Protect More Than Just Your Possessions.

It feels good to know you’re covered, no matter where you live. If you own a condo, condo insurance can provide the sense of comfort and confidence. Condo insurance is a home insurance product offered by The CFI Agency. That provides coverage for your personal belongings, as well as an improvements made to the unit you own.

Rely on us for liability and additional living expenses coverage that can help you is ready for the unexpected.

Having a separate condominium insurance policy to your condo protects you in more situations than the condo corporation’s coverage can offer and can protect you beyond the walls of your unit. It’s a home insurance solution you can lean on when faced with the unexpected.

Having condo insurance allows you to cover important stuff like your belongings, the improvements or betterments made to your unit and your personal liability.

We can guide you at The CFI determine the right amount of coverage you need to keep your condo insured.